Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns Will "Lead The Charge" Against AEW

AEW is emerging as a serious threat to the WWE, and it appears as though Vince McMahon will rely on two marquee superstars to keep the locker room afloat as the competition heats up.

According to WWE insider Brad ShepardRoman Reigns and Seth Rollins "are already planning to lead the charge" against AEW in the locker room. This is in regards to the many WWE superstars who have been "following" AEW on Twitter, "sharing their stuff" or even "liking" their tweets.

Rollins and Reigns have been key leaders of the WWE locker room for quite some time, and as two primary babyfaces and main eventers, their job is to set the golden standard for all superstars. Both of them have relished in their leadership roles, so it's no surprise that they're taking the initiative in trying to cool down the locker room when it comes to social media interactions with AEW.

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Jon Moxley - who left WWE at the end of April to sign with AEW - has wasted no time in criticizing Vince and the WWE creative team. Rollins fired back in an interview with  Sports Illustrated Media Podcast and said it's "it's a little presumptuous" for Moxley to "talk down about the company that gave him such an opportunity."

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Interestingly, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio suggested that Rollins' words in that interview were "Vince's words," suggesting that the Universal Champion was essentially speaking on behalf of the WWE chairman.

WWE has been working extensively to keep as many of their superstars as possible. Jinder Mahal, Mojo Rawley and Mike and Maria Kanellis are among the superstars who have recently signed new long-term deals. Meltzer recently reported that there are many superstars "counting the days" until their contracts expire, since they have their eyes on AEW. The goal is for Reigns and Rollins to try and put an end to that and keep the locker room happy, which is easier said than done.

What This Means

Rollins and Reigns have excelled as locker room leaders, but they're facing their most difficult tasks yet in trying to keep everyone together. It'll be interesting to see how they go about this, how many superstars will stay "all in" and how many will continue to focus on joining AEW in the near future.

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