Seth Rollins Updates Fans On The Condition Of Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins recently provided a positive update on the current condition of Roman Reigns, revealing that he is currently "in a good position."

It's hard to believe that almost three months have passed since Roman Reigns walked out on Raw and dropped a bombshell. News that he had battled and beaten leukemia once before in his life, but unfortunately, it had returned. With that, he relinquished the Universal Title and returned home to his family where he has been battling the illness ever since.

Reigns naturally hasn't been on WWE television since that emotional night, and there is still no word on when he might be back. Fans have obviously been respectful and kept their distance while Reigns and his family go through this extremely difficult time. That being said, Reigns' fans obviously care about him as well, so any snippets of good news we have gotten in the last three months are extremely welcome.


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A few days ago we got perhaps the best news we have heard so far. Reigns close friend and former Shield partner Seth Rollins made an appearance on Detroit's Fox 2 News. During the interview, The Architect was asked about the health of Reigns, and Rollins' response was a positive one. "Roman is doing great," the former WWE Champion replied.

Perhaps the most promising comment of all from Rollins was when he said, "he’s primed to make a comeback, hopefully sometime sooner rather than later." During Reigns' emotional speech where he broke the news of his leukemia to the fans, despite him saying he will one day be back in a WWE ring, he also felt the need to say it wasn't a retirement speech. We thought it would be a long time before he returned to WWE, but maybe not.

We don't want to read too much into what Rollins said. The timeline for Reigns' return could still be a long one, and maybe just shorter than he and Rollins initially anticipated. Sadly, it is still extremely unlikely that The Big Dog will be back in time to main event his fifth straight WrestleMania. However, if he is up to coming to the ring and even just cutting a promo on the Raw after WrestleMania, imagine the kind of pop he would get.


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