Seth Rollins Says He Thought The Shield Would Last "Forever"

The Shield's "Final Chapter" will air on the WWE Network this Sunday, as Dean Ambrose will compete in his final WWE match before departing.

As the legendary stable prepares for its final match, Seth Rollins reflected on the trio's time together during an interview with The Quad-City Times (h/t WrestlingInc.com) The Architect called the circumstances "unfortunate" and admitted that he thought The Shield would last forever.

"It just kind of just worked out, in an unfortunate way, obviously not something we ever wanted to say the final chapter," Rollins said. "I always believed The Shield would live forever. Now we have this last weekend and it just happens to end up in Moline. It's very poetic. It will be a cool experience to do in front of friends and family."

The Shield debuted together back on Nov. 2012, and they've become one of the most influential stables of the modern era. Together, Ambrose, Rollins and Roman Reigns became the top babyfaces of the WWE - and they've each endured WWE Championship reigns while headlining countless pay-per-view events.

But in January, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Ambrose decided not to re-sign with WWE, and the company would later confirm this in a statement. One superstar said that Ambrose had grown tired of portraying a "hokey" character - which influenced his decision to leave.

According to PW Insider, Ambrose later rejected a five-year contract that would have paid him six figures annually. Obviously, dollars weren't the main issue for Ambrose, who's been mentioned as a possible fit for the AEW promotion.

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With Reigns returning from his leukemia battle last month, WWE has gone all out in trying to piece together a few more memorable moments for The Shield. Rollins defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 to become the new Universal Champion, while Reigns got the better of Drew McIntyre.

The Shield has had plenty of great moments together, but all good things must come to an end - although nobody could have seen their run ending this abruptly. Sunday is going to make for one extremely emotional night in the WWE Universe, to say the least.

What This Means

Rollins certainly isn't alone in believing The Shield would have lasted for a long time, but Ambrose ultimately made the decision that was best for him. Perhaps the latter will be back in WWE some day, but there's also a strong chance that Sunday truly will be The Shield's final moment together - so fans simply have to enjoy it.

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