Exclusive: Shane ‘Hurricane’ Helms Details His ‘Sink Or Swim’ WWE Debut

WWE fans who grew up in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras are familiar with Shane 'Hurricane' Helms —one half of the popular superhero tag team along with the late Rosey.

With his slick green hair and popular mask that made him resemble the Hamburglar, Hurricane's superhero gimmick got him over with the crowd quickly. Of course, he had to prove himself early and often in an era that was absolutely loaded with future WWE Hall of Famers.

Hurricane got his chance when he faced The Rock on the March 10, 2003, episode of Monday Night Raw. The People's Champion was already viewed as one of the top faces of professional wrestling, so this was just a normal match.

But for Hurricane, he knew that this was his one chance to make an immediate impact and that it was all up to him— not The Rock —to make it happen.

"There were nerves, but it was [not like] I couldn’t perform or anything...The pressure was definitely all on me, there was no pressure on The Rock," Hurricane said in an exclusive interview with TheSportster.


"If that match would have been bad, he was still The Rock. If it would have been bad, it would have been bad for me, he would have survived, he was a great guy to work with—so professional."

The Rock appeared to be on the verge of an easy victory, dominating the contest without breaking much of a sweat. Given how rare it was for major superstars like The Rock to lose during the Attitude Era, a Hurricane win seemed impossible - until it actually happened.

Though he needed some help from the legendary 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Hurricane proved his worth by putting on an excellent match against The People's Champion. Despite all the pressure being squarely on his shoulders, Hurricane delivered - despite having to fight back all the nerves.

"But it was sink-or-swim for me and I had to prove I belonged. But then the WWE knew I could work any spot on the card," Hurricane said. "If they needed someone in the first match, I could do that, if they needed someone in the middle, I could do that as well… and that’s why I was there for so long."

Hurricane would go on to have a successful run in the cruiserweight and tag team divisions. He won both the European and Hardcore Championships, a pair of Cruiserweight titles and two World Tag Team Championships - one with Kane and the other with Rosey.

Now, Shane 'Hurricane' Helms is writing the next chapter of his book by competing in Ring of Honor. After two decades between the ropes, he's never wrestled for the promotion. He's booked for three appearances with the first on June 15, 2018, when he teams with Delirious and Cheeseburger to take on Bully Ray, Punishment Martinez, and Shane Taylor in San Antonio. His second match is the following day in Dallas when he teams with Delirious again to take on Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. His third date is in Fairfax, Virginia on June 30, 2018.


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