Shane McMahon To Give Tag Titles To SmackDown Team This Tuesday

WWE is promoting that this Tuesday, Shane McMahon will simply "crown" new SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions.

Perhaps the wording of the advertisement for this Tuesday's show could have been done differently. The more likely scenario is that WWE plans to have some sort of series of matches to crown new title holders after the Hardy Boyz were forced to relinquish their tag team championships this past Tuesday, but it sure sounds like Shane McMahon is just going to give the titles to a team of his choosing.

The social media post promoting the show reads, "This Tuesday on , will crown the NEW !"

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There were wrestlers and fans all over social media that immediately took this post literally. Suggesting that if Shane was just going to hand over the titles to a team like B-Team or Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev, this quickly explains why WWE's ratings are so far in the toilet these days. How can a character on tv — one who is currently feuding with both The Miz and Roman Reigns — have the power to just give over the titles to someone without them having to compete for them?

WWE.com then wrote an article asking which team had the best chances and gave some options. Among them was Shane himself and his partner Elias.

What This Means

WWE wouldn't dare do what it sounds like they are going to do which is have Shane simply walk out on tv and give himself and Elias the tag titles, would they? Unfortunately, the way the shows are being written these days, fans aren't ruling anything out.

Even if there is a series of matches or a tournament of some kind, the odds are now heavily stacked in McMahon's favor should he be competing.

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