Exclusive Interview: Shane Taylor Passionately Responds To Hangman Page’s Comments About Him

During an exclusive interview with The Sportster, one of ROH’s biggest and baddest stars, Shane Taylor, detailed his thoughts about his upcoming match in Baltimore at Glory By Honor – Baltimore LIVE, when he takes on rising star, Bullet Club’s Adam (Hangman) Page.

Taylor is a rising star himself, but the speed in which Page is elevating his stock in professional wrestling is almost unparalleled. Popular due to his association with The Bullet Club, Page has also shown he's, pound-for-pound, one of the strongest men in wrestling, recently putting on a spectacular performance at All In when he faced Joey Janela.

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When asked about his thoughts on facing Page, "There’s nothing that I can say about Hangman Page that the world isn’t already talking about, he every bit the rising star you said…", admitted Taylor. "But his stock and those accolades aren’t by accident."

Suggesting Page has been groomed and protected by wrestling, specifically those who have control in ROH, Taylor suggested Page's ascent to the top is not just the work he puts in or the performances he puts on. Instead, Taylor was quick to call Page "one of the favorites." And, what he meant by that, was his look and his powerful friends/connections have opened doors for Page that aren't often opened for guys like himself.

Taylor explained:

"Ring of Honor can choose to make the stars that it wants to make. So I listened to the things that he [Hangman Page] had to say about me and he said that I wish I could captivate a room the way he does, and I wish I could carve out a spot the way he has. And my response to him is, did you carve it out? Did YOU carve it out? Or did your boys carve it out?"

Saying Page has been protected since day one by those that brought him to ROH, Page might not have what it takes when he's alone. "I don’t attach myself to the biggest group in pro-wrestling. I don’t attach myself to the most notable characters in pro wrestling. I am out there by myself."  Taylor then asked Page if he can hang when he's not got Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks or Scrull to help him?

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"I already know what I can be. I know what I want to be, and I know what they won’t let me be right now," exclaimed Taylor. That's not going to stop him from making it so ROH can't ignore what he accomplishes without the help of anyone. "I’m anxious to see just what Hangman Page can do when he’s out there by himself. And then we’ll see who’s spot gets carved out faster."

Should Taylor be right, and he proves he is the better man when each side is left to their own devices, he'll find himself right in the middle of the Championship picture in ROH.

Glory By Honor streams live worldwide for all HonorClub members on Friday, October 12 at 8e/5p. Available at ROHHonorClub.com or the ROH App on all Apple and Android devices, and Roku.


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