Shaquille O'Neal Attempts Kyrie Irving's Pre-Game Stretches

Shaquille O'Neal is a unique character and he has proved this to the world once again as he recently attempted Kyrie Irving's pregame stretches. It ended up being outright hilarious.

In case you're wondering, Kyrie Irving has got some very unique stretches. He can lean himself forward without actually falling down. What this must require is a lot of time spent on working his muscle strength up as that's the only thing preventing him from falling. However, it's been said that this was fake since  Irving avoided answering the question twice but said that it was "magic." It was apparently filmed by Nike, likely to promote their products.

Shaq saw this and recreated a form of it. In a video, Shaq is seen making his attempt at the unique stretches. However, there's a secret catch. He was attached to a rope, that seems to have been held up by his colleagues or well, around a ton of them, there's a reason he's called Big Shaq after all. During the entire video, he's even calling out Kyrie and asking him if he can also levitate like he currently is right now. This is just one example of his comedic mind that we've all come to love.


One Reddit user pointed out that when Shaq first went up in the air, he looked like a wrecking ball. This is true to some extent because of how large Shaq actually is. Seeing him fly around on a rope like that is something that wasn't expected. This isn't even mentioning his landing and face that he made, which is almost priceless as it's both serious and not serious at the same time.

What This Means

What does this all mean for Kyrie and Shaq? Well, not much, Shaq is well-known for joking about players all the time, he's also known for having a good time. This is just one of those awesome situations that he took to the next level. Right now, the ball is in the court of Kyrie, will he allow this new NBA meme to die out or will he simply keep it going by one-upping Shaq.


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