Legendary Superstar Joining SmackDown Live Commentary Team

Shawn Michaels tweeted that after the Raw Reunion, he'll be joining the SmackDown Live commentary team this Tuesday? The question is, 'Is it a one-time deal?'

If you look at the tweet sent out by Shawn Michaels on Thursday, it's confirmed he'll be part of the SmackDown Live commentary crew this Tuesday. But, he also hints that he might be ready to do more than just one episode at the broadcast table.

Michaels wrote:

I've had a lot of ...ahem.. fun times on Monday Night , but I'm not just coming to to see some friends, ol' HBK is going to be joining commentary THIS Tuesday on !

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It's the hashtag, "I've been practicing" that is so interesting when it comes to his tweet. One would assume that Michaels' role in NXT wouldn't be conducive to joining the SmackDown Live broadcast crew on a regular basis but why practice if you're only doing a one-shot deal or have the experience as one of the WWE's better talkers and a regular spot on pay-per-view kick-off shows?

That said, all of this could just be Michaels joking about the picture he posted on Twitter to go along with the announcement. As you can see, he's been at the broadcast table before and as part of DX, his time there wasn't always appreciated by the McMahon's. Needless to say, he had a reputation at one time for not always saying what he was supposed to say.

What This Means

Regardless of this being a one-time deal to go along with the Raw Reunion week or something we see more of with Shawn Michaels being part of the current product, he's an entertaining voice that should add something to the commentary table this Tuesday and for however long he wants to stay.

After all, it is Shawn Michaels and if he likes it, maybe there's a more permanent spot for him.

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