Why Shawn Michaels Is Unlikely To Wrestle Again

Shawn Michaels stayed retired for eight and a half years, but he finally returned to the ring at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in November - reforming D-Generation X with old pal Triple H.

The Heartbreak Kid and Triple H faced off against the legendary Brothers of Destruction tag team. When all was said and done, DX emerged victorious, and Michaels avenged his career-ending WrestleMania XXVI loss to The Undertaker.

Michaels finally broke his long-time promise of staying retired, and that naturally means some fans are hoping that the wrestling icon could end up wrestling again - but don't get your hopes up.

You may recall that Triple H suffered a torn pectoral muscle during the Crown Jewel match. According to Wrestle Votes, The Game's injury may have caused Michaels' decision to simply never wrestle again.

Triple H had to undergo surgery and it put his WrestleMania 35 status in jeopardy, but it does seem like he'll be recovered just in time. The match hasn't been announced yet, but he's set to square off against Batista; the two superstars are set to meet face-to-face on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.


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After his aforementioned career-ending loss to Undertaker, Michaels made good on his word and turned down matches to compete again. This included a dream match against A.J. Styles, where the Heartbreak decided to pass on the chance to compete with one of the most decorated in-ring performers of this era.

Michaels now works as a trainer for WWE and turns 54 years of age later this year. He simply doesn't have any reason to come back and wrestle anymore, and it's easy to believe we've seen the last of his iconic in-ring career. It took a lot of work to get him back for one more match, and Michaels isn't getting any younger.

What This Means

This news shouldn't really surprise anybody. Michaels was keen on staying retired for nearly nine years before deciding to reunite DX with his long-time friend. There's no reason for him to go back in the ring if he doesn't want to, especially with his age and apparent concerns about getting injured again.


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