Shawn Michaels & Triple H Pull Off Crown Jewel Victory Over Undertaker & Kane

The main event of WWE Crown Jewel saw Shawn Michaels and Triple H pick up the big win over The Undertaker and Kane.

WWE rushed through most of the event in what looked to be a way to get to a surprising Shane McMahon win in the World Cup Tournament and the main event which featured a Shawn Michaels return to the ring. The DX versus Brothers of Destruction match was by far the longest of the night and unfortunately, was also one of the worst matches on the card. Never expected to be a barn-burner, Michaels looked good for a man who hadn't been in the ring for a long time, and while each man gave it their all, age has caught up to the group as a whole.

The competitors took turns resting as each man was knocked out of the contest for a significant time, but all got in their signature spots, including a Michaels moonsault off the top rope (which didn't go terribly well), a big elbow drop and two superkicks leading to Kane taking a pedigree and the pin.

That DX won is not a surprise. It made little sense to bring Michaels out of retirement only to have him lose his first match back. And, if this was a showcase to see if Michaels had enough to try a singles match with someone like AJ Styles, he needed the win to move forward and be taken seriously.

Michaels seemed to get rave reviews for his ability to save the match on social media, but if you watched closely, you could see when the match was over, Michaels said to Triple H, "we're too old for this." Is that a sign Michaels won't make another return? Perhaps, and that would be a shame.


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