Shawn Michaels Reveals That He Won't Wrestle The Undertaker Again

For eight and a half years, Shawn Michaels held true to his word that he would never wrestle again after losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI.

The stipulation in that match was if The Heartbreak Kid lost, he would have to retire. Undertaker won the match keep his perfect WrestleMania record in check, but Michaels' legendary career came to an abrupt end.

Michaels passed on many offers to come out of retirement, including a match against A.J. Styles. But finally, HBK opted to wrestle one more match at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in November - where he and Triple H reformed D-Generation X.

The iconic duo went up against 'Taker and Kane, who reformed the Brothers of Destruction tag team. DX won the match, giving Michaels sweet revenge eight years after The Deadman ended his career.

Michaels was finally talked into coming out of retirement after almost nine years out of the ring. Thus, some fans might think and hope that he's willing to go up against The Undertaker one more time.

But in an interview on Justin Barrasso's WrestleMania Series (h/t WrestlingInc.com), Michaels wasted little time to assure fans that he and The Deadman will never square off in the ring again.

There was one (angle pitched in the past) that was particularly interesting... but it just felt so complete, and it felt like doing anything else didn't fit.

I looked at the arch of the Heartbreak Kid character over the years, and to add anything to that last piece didn't work for me. It wasn't anything I was really interested in.

There was a match with The Undertaker, and there were a number of different aspects to it that made it seem interesting and logical, but it didn't have anything finality to it... I felt like that book was closed."


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Without a doubt, The Undertaker and Michaels really have nothing else to prove in their rivalry. Their match at WrestleMania XXV from 10 years ago is widely regarded as one of the greatest bouts in the history of professional wrestling. A year later, the two wrestling icons put on a terrific encore, and Michaels could not have ended his career on a much better note.

Both men are turning 54 years of age this year, and The Undertaker has been dealing with numerous injuries. Thus, another singles bout between the two would probably lack in quality and overall entertainment, at least compared to their WrestleMania bouts.

What This Means

Nobody should really be surprised with what Michaels had to say here. He's surely going to stay retired for good this time, while The Undertaker only has a handful of matches left in his illustrious career. The time has simply passed for these two to go head-to-head one more time, and again, there simply isn't anything else for them to achieve in their historic rivalry.


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