Shawn Spears Dubs Himself "The Chairman Of AEW" At Fight For The Fallen

Shawn Spears took his latest shot at Cody as soon as Fight for the Fallen got underway via a clever new nickname he has given himself.

When Shawn Spears left Tye Dillinger behind and arrived in AEW, many fans wondered what his role in the new promotion would be. Not long after the ink on his contract had dried, Cody said what many of us were likely thinking. That Spears would be nothing more than a mid-card guy in AEW, labeling him a "good hand."

That clearly led to something snapping in Spears' head. At Fyter Fest, The Perfect Ten went about proving he would be more than just a good hand in AEW. He did so via the chair shot heard around the world. A shot to Cody's head that left the EVP needing no fewer than ten staples to close the gash.

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At this weekend's Fight for the Fallen, both men had other things to worry about. Spears competed in the show's opening match, a six-person tag. Before the bell had even rung. Spears took another major shot at Cody. The former WWE Superstar revealed his t-shirt to the crowd and the cameras. On it was his new nickname; The Chairman. Just to add insult to injury, Spears demanded the ring announcer dub him "The Chairman of AEW."

The match itself may have been more awkward than the t-shirt revelation. That's because Spears was forced to team with MJF, one of Cody's closest friends and the first man to the ring after he was busted open. Despite being on the same team, Spears and MJF took thinly-veiled shots at each other throughout. That ultimately didn't matter though as Spears would eventually win the match for his team.

What's more, it was Darby Allin who Spears covered for the victory. The very same wrestler Cody failed to beat at Fyter Fest right before he was hit over the head with a steel chair. Between now and All Out, Spears will sit down with Jim Ross to explain why he attacked Cody. We imagine his win over Allin while Cody couldn't get the job done will also come up.

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