Shawn Spears Believes Reliability Was His Downfall In WWE

Shawn Spears prides himself on being able to work with anyone, and thinks that's what led to his career becoming stagnant in WWE.

Earlier this year, it felt as if every disgruntled WWE Superstar was going to make a beeline for AEW. They were certainly all linked with moves. Sasha Banks, Harper, The Revival, Tye Dillinger. AEW doesn't have room for everyone, though. Only one of those acts landed themselves a contract with the enemy. Dillinger, although we now know him as Shawn Spears.

Spears will undoubtedly be thinking he definitely made the right decision right about now. The Perfect 10 was in one of the three top matches at All Out last weekend. He might have lost, but he was still in a top angle, and he also has Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard in his corner.

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Spears' match with Cody Rhodes was sparked by The American Nightmare referring to him as a "good hand." In a strange turn of events, Spears effectively referred to himself as that during an interview with Muscle & Fitness. In fact, he believes that's what led to his career hitting a roadblock in WWE. "I take great pride in being able to work with anybody...in being able to cover the spectrum when it comes down to match preparation," Spears explained.

"I was very reliable when they (WWE) needed something done...but at the same time I couldn't break through the glass ceiling that seemed to be placed over my head." You could argue that quite a few WWE Superstars find themselves in that spot right now. Dolph Ziggler stands out as the most obvious. There was a period when The Showoff was the go-to for all top NXT call-ups before they were allowed to go on to bigger feuds.

Wrestlers like Ziggler might be watching what Spears is doing right now and be tempted to make the jump. Like we said though, AEW can't take everybody. The last thing it wants to become is a scrapyard for Superstars WWE has no use for. Right now, the balance is just about right. Plus, the rumors surrounding disgruntled stars wanting out of WWE seem to have died down.

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