WWE Superstar Asks Kenta For Permission To Use The GTS

After Daniel Bryan used the GTS on Kofi Kingston at a WWE live event (twice!) Shinsuke Nakamura has asked its creator if he can use it too.

Despite more than five years passing since he left WWE, fans have still not given up hope that CM Punk will one day return to the business. In a way, he will this weekend at Starrcast. However, fans want more than that. They want to see The Second City Saint wrestle again, hence the continued peppering of Punk chants during WWE shows.

WWE has a variety of ways of dealing with those chants. It really depends on who is in the ring at the time. If there is a company mantra on how to deal with those chants, we would imagine it is simply to ignore them. That's certainly what Shane McMahon has been doing recently. However, if you label yourself the Best in the World, then you have to expect a certain amount of Punk chants.

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Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston decided to go in a different direction with it at a live event this past weekend. The pair were doing battle for the WWE Title in Lima, Peru when a Punk chant broke out. That's when Bryan lifted Kingston and delivered a GTS, Punk's finisher. After that didn't keep the champ down, Bryan did it again, only for Kingston to once again kick out at two.

New Japan's Kenta has since taken to Twitter and provided proof that he was the innovator of the GTS. That prompted his fellow countryman Shinsuke Nakamura to ask if he can use the move on occasion. Nakamura joked how much it would cost to effectively hire out the move, to which Kenta replied "Cheaper than Kinsasha."

Nakamura then hit back and asked if he can use the move, to which Kenta rather amusingly replied "Yeah Oh." The King of Strong Style has recently returned to our screens on a more regular basis. We'd imagine if he starts using a move that reminds fans of Punk without asking permission from those who run the show, that might well change. If he can get the go-ahead, however, we would love to see Nakamura using the move on a regular basis.

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