Shockmaster Sends Special Message To Titus O’Neil Epic Fall [Photo]

Titus O’Neil is the proud owner of one of the most memorable screwups in the history of WWE. After trying to make his way to the ring for The Greatest Royal Rumble, he tripped and hilariously went sliding under the ring apron instantly becoming a meme around the Internet. It’s a moment that will undoubtedly follow O’Neil for the rest of his professional wrestling career. It’s a feeling another wrestler knows too well.

Former WWE Superstar Tugboat/Typhoon (Fred Ottman) has firsthand experience with what it feels like to be remembered for a terrible entrance. Back as part of WCW, Ottman was set to be introduced as Shockmaster to WCW fans and meant to be a big part of WCW storylines moving forward. He was supposed to break through a wall but tripped and fell, landing on his face and his stormtrooper-style mask falling off to reveal the man underneath. It was an embarrassing moment for the wrestler and the company and is still shown years after it happened as one of the single-dumbest blinders of all time. After O’Neil’s messed entrance, Ottman decided he was happy not to be alone and sent Titus a special message on social media.


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A welcome to the club of sorts, Ottman placed a stormtrooper mask over O'Neil's head and sent a screenshot of his sprint towards the ring. Referencing O'Neil joining the dark side of the business, he teased that Titus was a famous fall that has power beyond just the moment of embarrassment. I’m sure the gesture was only mildly appreciated by O’Neil who is doing his best to take the entire incident in stride.

The WWE Universe found the moment one of the highlights of the entire pay-per-view and it’s likely WWE addresses it on tonight’s Raw. O’Neil meanwhile is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill and capitalize on his moment of fame. If you can’t avoid what’s coming, you might as well embrace it. Ottman did and he’ll be remembered forever.

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