Sidelined WWE Superstar May Be Forced Into Early Retirement

It appears that, due to concussion issues, Sheamus may do more than miss some in-ring time in WWE. Sooner than later, he may have to retire.

According to a new report from Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, the future of Sheamus in WWE could be up in the air. One-half of a tag team with The Bar, his partner Cesaro has been moved over to Raw but there's been no mention of Sheamus joining him. If you follow Sheamus on social media, you'll notice he's been getting in tremendous shape but a new report suggests that may not be enough.

The Irish Superstar has been out of action since WrestleMania 35 and dealing with a concussion. But, according to Dave Meltzer on an episode of Wrestling Observer radio back in March of 2018, Sheamus has spinal stenosis and as he gets older, the condition worsens.

"He's working hard," the report reads. "When you look at him physically, you don't sense that he's got weakness, that he can't lift weights anymore." The report goes on to say that he looks well but over the long-term, this is not a situation that favors the WWE Superstar. It's a similar condition to what Austin has.

What This Means

As it stands, Sheamus has not discussed the condition or hinted at retiring. In fact, from his social media posts and videos, he seems to be in great health. But, his situation isn't clear moving forward.

Certainly, if there is more to this and Sheamus is not able to wrestle full-time in WWE, perhaps WWE will consider lightening his load or moving him into a position where he's able to do other projects or take on another role in the company.

Sheamus is highly-respected in WWE and a very close friend to Triple H. There's absolutely a job waiting for him if wrestling isn't part of his long-term future.

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