Skylar Diggins Blames Sports Media Coverage For NBA/WNBA Inequality

There’s a lot to still be said about equality when it comes to – well, a lot of things. But definitely sports. There is a distinct gap that exists between sports that are specific to men and those that are to women. Although some sports fans would dismiss the notion that there is a problem with the distinction — there is a clear movement of awareness about the potential problems that lie within how genders are viewed and even treated in sports with none being more evident than that of the NBA and the WNBA. Recently, Skylar Diggins-Smith of the Dallas Wings had a lot to say about the inequality and she was more than willing to call names and make specific references.

In a recent interview with Clutch Points, the star WNBA player, Diggins-Smith, took a shot at the media, stating that there is a clear preference to cover all other sports and sporting events before ever talking about the WNBA.


Via The Spokesman-Review

“…But you rarely see the WNBA on the ‘Worldwide Leader in Sports:’ ESPN. You rarely see them talking about women’s sports in general, let alone highlights of the WNBA games. Yes, LeBron is one of the best athletes in the world, but they’ll go into everything that he ate before they show a highlight of a WNBA game.”

The Dallas Wings’ point guard didn’t mince words. Her point was clear and the support for her claims more than adequate and substantial. Despite the WNBA and other women sports beginning to garner more attention, there still seems to be a difference between that of the men’s, and it’s distinctive enough that athletes and sports stars who are both men and women are doing more than taking notice, they are speaking out. Over the summer, Damian Lillard spoke out about a point very similar to Diggins-Smith, citing that salary should be more equivalent and stating that the women’s league and its players warrant better attention and thus, better pay.

Skylar Diggin-Smith is the latest voice in what is becoming commonplace in sports as well as the world, at least in America – the demand for equality on all fronts. Sports is such a polarizing event, it brings all kinds of people together and embedded in its viewing and participation is a sense of togetherness and family. For athletes like Diggins-Smith and Lillard and so many others, to begin to use their standing in sports as a platform for equality only adds credence to the necessity of it taking place but also the power that sports potentially has in shaping the world.


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