SmackDown Live Recap, Reactions, & Biggest Moments- Daddy's Home

Right now on Raw, almost all of the show's attention is focused on one rivalry, the battle between The Shield and Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre. Despite SmackDown Live being more than an hour shorter, that isn't the case on Tuesday nights, and that's where the blue brand currently has its red rivals beat. Fans tune in to see how things are escalating between Daniel Bryan and The Miz, the animosity between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, as well as the heated WWE Title feud between AJ Styles Samoa Joe. We got a little of all of that this week, plus more.


Fans have become accustomed to Miz TV opening SmackDown Live on a semi-regular basis. However, we had never seen Truth TV before. R-Truth and Carmella debuted their very own talk show and their first guest was Daniel Bryan. The similarities between Truth TV and Miz TV were always going to bring The A-Lister out to vent eventually, and Truth claimed that because he defeated The Miz a few weeks ago, the talk show was now his. Much to the chagrin of the former WWE Champion, he was forced by SmackDown Live GM Paige to wrestle Truth in order to win his show back. The host of Truth TV could not make it two in a row though, and WWE's new number one talk show is already dead. Miz delivered Bryan's running knee in order to pick up the win, all while staring his Super Show-Down opponent in the face as he watched on from the announce desk.


Last week on SmackDown Live, we witnessed the unhappiest of Rusev Days. Not only did The Bulgarian Brute fail in his attempts to win the United States Title, but his shaky partnership with Aiden English came to an end. Rusev had accused English of being the weak link in their team, and it was the former NXT Tag Team Champion who caused Rusev to lose to Shinsuke Nakamura. This week the two of them and Lana tried to address their issues but naturally only made things worse. English claimed that Rusev's success was all down to him, and Rusev Day's demise was entirely the fault of Lana. He signed off by hinting that something happened between him and The Ravishing Russian in Milwaukee, but would not divulge what that was exactly.

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Every Raw and SmackDown Live has filler matches that are just there to fill time between more important segments, and that's exactly what Nakamura's clash with Tye Dillinger felt like on Tuesday night. However, it was actually a precursor to something far more intriguing. With The Perfect Ten gaining momentum, Randy Orton inexplicably rushed the ring and began to put the boots to Dillinger. The Viper delivered a brutal beatdown, but why he did so is still unclear. First, he took Jeff Hardy off the US Champion's hands, now Dillinger. Is The Apex Predator merely Nakamura's psychotic guardian angel?

Early in the evening on SmackDown Live, it was revealed that Becky Lynch had attacked Charlotte Flair during a photo shoot. That meant the Women's Champion didn't have to worry about being interrupted as she took on Lana. The Ravishing Russian obviously had her own stuff going on considering eveything that went down between Rusev and English, but gave a good account of herself nonetheless. The result of this one was never in any doubt, however, and once the momentum swung in The Lass Kicker's favor, the champ soon had her opponent tapping to the disarm-her.

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There was no main event match on SmackDown Live this week, just a contract signing between Styles and Joe. However, you could rest assured that those two in the ring would end in an altercation, right? Wrong. That's because Joe never made it to the ring. The WWE Champion claimed that his challenger was too scared to come out due to him being prepared for any sort of sneak attack, but he was wrong. The Destroyer was actually at The Phenomenal One's house, almost 1500 miles away. Joe managed to escalate this rivalry even further, creeping ever closer to the front door while recording the whole thing on his phone. The segment, and the show, ended when he rang the doorbell and simply said "daddy's home" down the camera. As if Joe's performances recently couldn't have been any better, here he is raising the bar once again.


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