SmackDown Live Recap, Reactions, & Biggest Moments- Just Call Her Queen

It might be Wednesday by the time you read this but a WWE PPV weekend is never truly over until late on Tuesday night. That's because there is the not so small matter of SmackDown Live to take care of along with the rest of the fallout from Hell In A Cell. The only title change to take place on Sunday night was a blue brand one after all as Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Championship. That white hot rivalry would take center stage in Tuesday night's main event slot, but before that, there were still the ongoing problems between The Miz and Daniel Bryan to deal with, and of course the controversy of how HIAC's WWE Title match came to an end.

Two PPVs in a row, two victories for The Miz over Daniel Bryan. Okay, at Hell In A Cell it was technically Maryse picking up the win over Brie Bella, but The A-Lister likely won't be bothered with semantics. The Awesome One opened this week's SmackDown Live with a special edition of Miz TV. His guest? His wife Maryse. It didn't take long for Bryan to have heard enough, and Maryse got caught in the crossfire when he and Miz clashed in the ring. Unsurprisingly, Maryse was faking her injury, but Bryan has become all too familiar with the pair's tricks. The former World Champion reversed the Skull Crushing Finale that Miz tried to hit when Bryan was checking if Maryse was okay and continued to deal out some punishment of his own.


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In the past couple of months, Rusev has failed in his attempts to become WWE Champion and a Tag Team Champion. On SmackDown Live this week, he had the chance to become United States Champion. Before the match, Rusev insinuated to Aiden English that he was the reason they lost at Hell In A Cell. English then ranted to a random employee about how much better he is than Rusev, not realizing that Lana was still behind him. The Ravishing Russian didn't get the chance to tell Rusev before his match, so both her and English were at ringside. English's over-exuberant support wound up distracting The Bulgarian Brute and losing him the match. After the match, Lana didn't need to tell her husband anything as English unleashed an assault on his now former partner. An unhappy Rusev Day indeed.


There are currently rumors that Vince McMahon is a big fan of Andrade Almas's work. Judging by the opponents he has been getting on SmackDown Live recently, that's true. This week the luchador had the chance to go up against AJ Styles once again. The match featured even more for the boss to be impressed by, including the inventive way The Phenomenal One got Almas in place for a Styles Clash, the move that would win him the match. Afterward, an irate Samoa Joe thought he had blindsided Styles, however, the champ got the better of his bitter enemy, sending him scampering away into the WWE Universe.

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One of the biggest moments from Sunday night's Hell In A Cell was Becky Lynch defeating Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Title. Despite winning the championship, The Lass Kicker's bad attitude has not changed, something that was evident during the final segment of Tuesday's show. SmackDown Live general manager, Paige threw a coronation for Lynch, and she was hardly humble about the whole thing. In fact, she demanded Flair join her in the ring, and The Queen obliged. Lynch asked Flair to raise her hand and then to put the belt around her waist, but the former champion obviously refused. The Irish Superstar then said no matter, all she really wants is for Flair to refer to her as Queen. That plus the B word that Lynch threw her way with the next breath was the last straw and a brawl ensued. Lynch eventually got the upper hand quite literally, putting Flair in the disarm-her. At Super Show-Down in two and a half weeks, these two will do battle again, but will The Lass Kicker still be champion when they return to the US?


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