SmackDown Live Winners & Losers: Lynch Still 'The Man'

On Tuesday, after quickly mentioning Shane's stealing of the World Cup Tournament, SmackDown Live focused solely on pushing their brand towards Survivor Series and the show was capped by a confrontation among recently announced team captains.

Could the post-Crown Jewel episode do an effective job of hyping up the pay-per-view with only two weeks to work with? There was far more good than bad and Daniel Bryan and The Miz stole the show building nice heat moving forward.

There was a surprising debut that may or may not be permanent, the team appears set for the women's side of things (or is it), and the men have their roster in utter turmoil. Two members of the tag team match are in and ready to compete after a great matchup to crown the captains of that squad and everyone is trying to come together for brand supremacy.

Here are your winners and losers for SmackDown Live, November 6, 2018.

Winner: Daniel Byran and The Miz

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Putting these two together as team captains will make for an interesting experiment. Too often, WWE tries to place Survivor Series team members together on Raw and SmackDown and simply overlooks the rosters previous or ongoing feuds. In this case, Bryan and The Miz are certainly going to butt heads and it makes sense for them to do so; they hate each other. The trick will be if they can co-exist or if things will simply explode? So far, it's not looking good.

This was a strong way to open and end the show and it will give fans a reason to tune in next week and on Raw to see if their opposing team has similar problems.

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Loser: Women's Team Announcement

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There are many ways to introduce and announce a team. This was not the most ideal. Paige came out and started bringing the women to the ring starting with Carmella. She was followed by Asuka, Naomi and Sonya Deville and it was supposed to be Charlotte, only to get a shocked Mandy Rose who wanted to know why she wasn't chosen.

First, we don't know what happened to Charlotte and why she wasn't there. It was never explained. We also don't know why Rose decided to pick a fight with everyone in the ring, eventually getting into it with Naomi. The idea was to sell friction between Rose and Deville but this wasn't really the time or place to do so.

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Winner: Mysterio vs. Almas

If you were as excited as most when it was announced Mysterio versus Almas was going to take place on SmackDown Live, then you weren't disappointed watching the match. It was every bit as good as one would have hoped and the only drawback was that there simply wasn't more time to give to these two individuals.

This is the type of match that SmackDown is becoming known for being able to deliver and a perfect reason that bringing back Mysterio was the right call by WWE. There are so many guys on this current roster he could have strong matches with and a rematch between these two would be a welcome sight.

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Winner: Becky Lynch

It's becoming a habit to say that Lynch stole the show and on Tuesday, despite how much content the WWE threw at us over a two-hour period, an argument can be made 'the champ' did so again. Her work on the mic is unrivaled in the company right now, man or woman. She hit it out of the park again.

You listen to Becky and believe every word and then to add Nikki Cross' debut to the equation was just icing on the cake. Sure, Cross lost, but this was a great and impactful way to debut and to have Lynch pull out another win against the debuting Cross furthered her claim to being on top.

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