SmackDown Live’s Survivor Series Team Is Officially Confirmed

On Tuesday's SmackDown, co-captains Daniel Bryan and The Miz filled out their team including creating a match where the winner got the final spot.

The show started as Shane McMahon came to the ring to accept his trophy as the winner of the World Cup Tournament at Crown Jewel. McMahon quickly put aside the idea he was the best in the world and wanted to get down to the business of naming their brand's Survivor Series team to show SmackDown Live was the best brand in the world. In doing so, his first order of business was naming Daniel Bryan as team captain.

It didn't take long for The Miz to have an issue with the selection of Bryan as team captain. He came to the ring, stated he deserved to be considered two-thirds of the best in the world and that his status as such entitled him to the status of team captain. McMahon agreed and felt the best way to solve the situation was to name Bryan and The Miz as co-captains.

Working together to try and pick the rest of the team, The Miz would get one choice, Bryan the other and final member would need to be determined via the results of the main event later in the night. The Miz's first selection was Shane McMahon himself, Bryan's first pick was Rey Mysterio and whoever won the match between Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe would get the final spot.

Hardy and Joe went to war in the final match of the night. Bryan sat ringside and actively cheered for Hardy while The Miz simply wanted to be considered a good leader. The match came to a close when Hardy couldn't land the Swanton Bomb. Joe locked in his submission and Hardy tapped, making Joe the official final and fifth member of the team.

The action wasn't over as Joe confronted Bryan at ringside, Bryan lost his cool and the two began to scrap. The Miz came into the ring to break things up and the co-captains then got into it. Shane McMahon tried to stop them, only for Bryan to throw McMahon off of him. Needless to say, this five-man team looks like it will have trouble getting along.

Can a team consisting of Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Samoe Joe and Shane McMahon co-exist?

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