Biggest SmackDown Live Moments- Superstars Take To The Sky

Samoa Joe flew through the air like a jet while Charlotte Flair dove from the top rope to the outside, but did it do them any good?

The likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy know a thing or two about big moments. That's why SmackDown Live has been so good since WrestleMania, and why each and every episode of the blue brand is jam-packed with massive moments each week. There are only two hours to fill as opposed to Raw's three and that really shows. This week the above Superstars and their colleagues would need to step up even more as it was the last SmackDown Live before Money In The Bank this Sunday. There are a lot of big matches happening involving wrestlers from Team Blue, and they capped off their build to the PPV via the big moments featured below.

4. Real Pros Work A Body Part

Daniel Bryan only made his in-ring return two months ago yet we have already seen him in some matches that we never thought he would have. The former General Manager has taken on AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and has even been in the ring with Samoa Joe. This past Tuesday on SmackDown Live Bryan took on Shelton Benjamin. Maybe not a dream match, but an exciting bout nonetheless. Benjamin and Bryan went about putting on a classic match and you can tell that both men have been around for a long time. Benjamin spent the match focusing on a body part, more specifically his opponent's knee. That started with the kick above. The damage done by that move was built upon throughout and almost won Benjamin the match.


3. A Bigger And Better Suicide Dive

There are a lot of moves being overused in wrestling today. The superkick is the move that immediately srpings to mind. Gone are the days when Shawn Michaels was the only person in wrestling using the move on a regular basis. More worryingly, the suicide dive feels as if it is being used by half the WWE roster right now. We say worryingly because it is a pretty dangerous move. Sasha Banks has almost seriously hurt herself using it on a number of occasions. Bigger Superstars use it too, one of which is Samoa Joe. However, Joe continually proves that it can look good and also be safe, something he did during his match with Rusev on SmackDown Live this week. The Destroyer dives between the ropes, delivers a forearm, and pretty much lands on his feet. Effective, it looks great, and it doesn't seriously risk the well being of the Superstar delivering the move.


2. Arm To Groin, Knee To Face

Shinsuke Nakamura versus Jeff Hardy is an unmitigated dream match by anyone's standards. A main event match anywhere in the world. That being said, we all knew deep down that The King Of Low Blows was going to ruin it when the two pro wrestling veterans faced off on Tuesday night. As soon as Hardy looked like he was gaining momentum in order to win the match, Nakamura did whatever he could to stop it. The Charismatic Enigma successfully connected with a Twist Of Fate followed by a Swanton Bomb, but his opponent got his foot on the rope to break the ensuing count. Once Nakamura had recovered enough, he resorted to those aforementioned dirty tactics. Hardy attempted to hit another Twist Of Fate when the Japanese star reversed it into a low blow and was disqualified. That didn't stop Nakamura from following up with a Kinsasha for good measure.


1. What Charlotte Does Best

Paige opened this week's SmackDown Live in the ring with all four women who will compete for Team Blue in the Money In The Bank ladder match this Sunday. A few jealous faces appeared soon after though in the form of The IIconics, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville. Things didn't take long to come to blows, and with that, an eight-woman tag match was booked for the night's main event. Since Asuka wanted a piece of Carmella also, those two were later added making it a ten Superstar affair. As you can imagine, there was an awful lot going on. As the ring filled with bodies, The Princess Of Staten Island thought she saw her chance to take out Asuka and have yet another victory to brag about. Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair ascended up the turnbuckle and performed her signature moonsault to the outside, taking out both Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. That impressive move left Asuka and Carmella in the ring alone, and The Empress managed to make the SmackDown Women's Champion tap out.


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Biggest SmackDown Live Moments- Superstars Take To The Sky