Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast - Ep. 10 - Chris van Vliet Interview

On the 10th episode of the Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast, we chat 24/7 WWE Title, Money in the Bank, TV deals and interview Chris van Vliet.

Episode 10 of the show will cover a number of topics including a look at Money in the Bank and how everything went down, including Brock Lesnar's return. We take a look at Raw and SmackDown and focus some attention on the new 24/7 Championship WWE unveiled. We talk about the upcoming Double or Nothing PPV for AEW and interview Chris van Vliet of YouTube wrestling fame.

Show Notes:

Brandon and Jim get things going with the usual banter about pay-per-views and tv shows but this week, both were actually happy with the product. Outside of a couple of hurdles, Raw and SmackDown were much-improved shows. The question was asked, 'Are people making too much to do of this Lesnar winning the Money in the Bank briefcase?'

After chatting for a while, we invite our special guest Chris van Vliet in to chat about his start in television, how he moved over to interviewing wrestlers on YouTube, his best, worst and dream interviews and we chat about a few items that you don't want to miss.

Chris was an awesome guest and it was appreciated he took the time to talk with us just a few hours before his birthday and a few days before interviewing Cody Rhodes. As you'll hear, Chris is a busy guy.

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