Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast - Ep. 18 - ... Poor Dolph Ziggler

On this week's episode of the Smart Marks of Wrestling podcast, we chat Extreme Rules, Raw, SmackDown, Raw Reunion and The Fiend. In a good week of wrestling action, still, we can't help but ask, 'What about Dolph Ziggler?'

Show Notes:

Brandon and Jim are working a bit blind this week as the weather in both of their locations wasn't cooperating. That said, going old school on the phone brought out some fun, unscripted chat about Extreme Rules, Raw, SmackDown Live, and the upcoming Raw Reunion show.

We break down all of the happenings from what we thought was a strong WWE pay-per-view in Extreme Rules with two exceptions: the Universal Title finish and poor Dolph Ziggler getting the shaft... again.

We move onto some of the highlights from Raw and SmackDown including the debut of The Fiend, Liv Morgan's promo, and we chat about the Raw Reunion show and what we expect we'll see from WWE in terms of cameos and storylines.

We ask, 'Where was Eric Bischoff?' and Brandon reminds everyone that Dolph Ziggler should be a world champion.

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