Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast - Ep. 9 - WWE Creative vs. Vince McMahon

On this week's episode of the Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast, we talk everything from this Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view to WWE creative battling it out with Vince and losing.

Episode 9 of the show will cover a number of topics including a look at Money in the Bank, news updates out of WWE' Raw and SmackDown episodes, the battle that seems to be waging between WWE Creative and Vince McMahon, AEW announcing their new television deal with TNT and WarnerMedia, the Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia and more.

Show Notes:

Beyond the aforementioned topics, Bray Wyatt went very dark in the latest episode of the FireFly Fun House and Jim wonders if, at the rate WWE is moving up his transition into the evil side, if WWE should have teased Wyatt for Money in the Bank to counteract the certain shifting from the pay-per-view to Game of Thrones on Sunday. Brandon wasn't sure it would matter considering how little build-up there's been for Money in the Bank.

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Either way, we went through our picks for the matches.

We moved onto Lars Sullivan and his $100K fine by WWE, we chatted the creative direction of WWE and apologized to the writers for giving them so much heat when it's clear Vince is behind the issues fans are watching on tv each week. And, we talked Goldberg vs. Undertaker.

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