Exclusive With Greg Valentine and The Genius - Smart Marks Wrestling Podcast Ep. 2

On the second Smart Marks of Wrestling Podcast, we chat with Greg Valentine and The Genius about 350 Days the film and today's wrestling landscape.

Jim and Brandon start the show this week by chatting all things WWE news, including developments on Charlotte Flair winning the SmackDown Live Women's Championship just days before WrestleMania 35, what it means that Triple H has agreed to put his career on the line in his match with Batista and the Tag Team Gauntlet Match that finally cemented Kofi Kingston as part of the WrestleMania card.

Here's how the show minutes break down:

  • News: 0:00 - 43:08
  • Interview with Greg "the Hammer" Valentine - 43:09 - 1:11
  • Interview with "The Genius" Lanny Poffo - 1:11

Show Notes:

During our interview with Valentine and The Genius, we asked about their involvement in the 350 Days film and what it was like back in the day and how they felt as they were sharing their stories. Both had interesting tales from their days on the road.

Poffo mentioned that it was easy to get caught up in the lifestyle and that if he could give one word of advice to anyone, it was to try and remember, the only thing real about wrestling were the miles and the money. It was about saving and investing.

For Valentine, he recalls traveling a lot by himself, trying to keep his family together while others were unable to do the same. He recalls days on the road with Roddy Piper and Ric Flair and how the cards he wrestled on used to be about who was in the main event. Now, it's all about branding the name WWE.

The interview with Valentine takes an interesting turn part way through that you'll want to watch for. He's not a fan of the current product and he had some thoughts on the state of wrestling today, including women's matches. Considering WWE is about to offer a main event at the biggest show of the year that includes women closing the show, his comments are not likely ones that represent the majority. This is an interview you can't miss!

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“350 Days” is now available for pre-order on iTunes (https://apple.co/2IkUzLn), as well as on BluRay and DVD at Walmart.com, Amazon.com and other online retail sites. Release dates for additional streaming platforms will be announced soon.

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