J.R. Smith Wants A Trade From The Cavaliers

Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith's time with his team may come to an end as he wants a trade out of Cleveland.

While his feelings are not entirely out in the open just yet, it's clear why he's not feeling so good about his position with the team at the moment. Smith is only getting to play around twelve minutes a game, which really only allows him to earn a career low of two and a half points per game. On top of all this, Smith was informed that he would be removed from the rotation and not get a guarantee of playtime.

According to NBA, The General Manager, Koby Altman, decided to talk with Smith about staying around, but in a less important role. This was even after he aided the Cavs as best he could since he joined them in 2015 and became a key part of the team.


Via Sporting News

Now, to add some insult to injury, he might even be fined by the NBA since he spoke to a reporter who asked him he if wanted to be traded, to which he replied "yeah." This does not help the situation but is something that Smith needs to respect if he does want to be traded.

However, some of these issues can be pinned on the recent coach swap after the team got rid of  Tyronn Lue. This means that the new coach may not be willing to play him just yet, or simply doesn't think that Smith is pulling his part.

Despite the issues regarding the management side of things and issues regarding Smith's mild behavior, people have to understand that Smith is more of a veteran player. Playing in the league since 2004, he's got a lot of experience under his belt, but the longer his career goes on, the smaller of a role he'll play as his body slows down.

Yet, he still thinks he has a lot to offer, just not on the now LeBron James-less Cleveland Cavaliers.


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