Source Inside WWE Calls Stomping Grounds Buzz Bad 90's PPV-Like

Sunday's WWE pay-per-view Stomping Grounds in not selling well. But a source inside WWE compared it to an old, unsuccessful PPV and that's not a good comparison if you're the one producing said pay-per-view.

The critique surrounding this Sunday's Stomping Grounds event is that it's a lot of the same old stuff from WWE. Rehashed matches, not much in the way of star power, and little promotion or buzz surrounding the event has led to poor ticket sales in Tacoma where the event is taking place. Recently, it was reported WWE is giving away two-for-one tickets just to get people inside the building to watch the show.

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Well, the news is getting worse.

Speculation was that last night's Raw might see some changes in direction or alterations to the card to create some interest in the event. That didn't happen. Now, popular WWE rumors account on social media is saying a source he talks to inside WWE has compared Stomping Grounds to the old In Your House shows WWE used to put on back in the 90s.

WrestleVotes has broken the story with a tweet on Tuesday saying:

"Texting with a WWE source, who travels with the crew. Said the vibe going into Sunday's PPV is similar to the vibe around the "In Your House" shows from back in the day."

Those PPV's were notorious for being awful. They had a feeling of being thrown together, not taken seriously, didn't sell well and they eventually faded away. And, as most WWE fans know, 1995/96 was a very bad time for WWE in terms of their success as a wrestling company and entertainment brand.

What This Means

Stomping Grounds is a first for WWE. It may also be a last.

The company has done a poor job of selling the interest in the show and unlike other PPV's that have a history, the Tacoma fans are not lining up to see a show that means little to them and offers no real promises of anything worth writing home about.

This is terrible timing for WWE who is already taking heat for poor writing, rumors that WWE Superstars want out of their deals and AEW potentially nipping at their heels with two huge tv deals on the way.

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