Specific Roster Details Regarding WWE Raw And SmackDown Draft

There will be plenty of coverage of the rumored upcoming Raw and SmackDown Live Draft in October. Some of the details in respect to WWE plans for it are being revealed and they are quite interesting.

The first detail already confirmed is that the draft will take place over two nights — scheduled to begin on Friday, October 11 with an episode of SmackDown Live on FOX in Las Vegas and part II of the draft will be held on Raw the following Monday live from Denver.

But, specific roster details are starting to come to light.

Second, outside of wanting to shift to a more unique feel for each show, speculation is that WWE is looking to "freshen up" the shows. Reports are that RAW and SmackDown will have their own storylines and ideas, totally independent of one another and PWInsider reports that WWE talents have been told boundaries will exist between the brands. In short, the draft will bring an end of the Wild Card Rule.

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Third, there will be jumping back and forth for some of WWE's big stars until that time, but the idea behind the scenes is that come October 14th, you'll only get to see certain WWE Superstars by tuning in on certain nights.

Finally, there is some speculation WWE is having a hard time deciding who to keep in NXT with the move to the USA Network and who to send to Raw or SmackDown from the NXT roster. With NXT needing to keep a good chunk of their roster intact, there is a debate about whether or not to start sending main roster talent to the NXT brand and vice versa.

Who Goes to SmackDown? Who Goes to Raw?

One of the questions that will be on everyone's mind is, who goes where? There was speculation WWE wouldn't go crazy moving stars around. For example, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan have mostly been on SmackDown and will stay there. Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins have been mainstays on Raw and won't jump.

But, what about the rest of the roster? One can only imagine that both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff will be pitching hard for certain talents and with a huge shakeup backstage in terms of the writing staff, each crew will want their own guys to work with.

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