[Spoiler] Huge Name Pulled From Money In The Bank Men’s Match

As part of the Raw tapings that took place Monday afternoon, we now know that one big name has already need removed from the Money in the Bank match.

If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading!!

According to reports of those in attendance at the London tapings of Raw today and a report confirmed by Wrestling Inc., it appears Braun Strowman has been pulled from the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and been replaced by Sami Zayn.

Part way through the Raw broadcast, Shane McMahon called Strowman into his office and told him he’d be facing Zayn during tonight’s show. The stipulation added was that if Strowman lost, Zayn would be given The Monster Among Men’s spot in the match.

Of course, Zayn did end up defeating Strowman thanks to outside interference from Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and a foreign object. Zayn was awarded the chance at the Money In the Bank briefcase but the show closed as Strowman came back and slammed Zayn through the announce table to end the broadcast.

What This Means

Strowman continues to get the shaft in WWE, this time the company favouring the recently returned Zayn. There has been plenty of buzz Strowman is currently serving a punishment for a botch at WrestleMania 35 and this may be just another example of that being the case. After all, why one the biggest stars in the company keeps getting screwed over when WWE is in dire need of creating stars is baffling.

What WWE has planned for Strowman at Money in the Bank is now very much unclear. He may get another match, he may sit out or he may target Zayn with that feud next on the docket.

Meanwhile, Zayn continues to get a push as a disgruntled star with his sights set on the WWE Universe. Perhaps this is Vince showing he’s having fun speaking to the fans through his performer. After all, Vince has taken a lot of heat for the falling ratings of the company.

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