[Spoiler] Huge Superstar Returns to WWE Money In The Bank PPV

In a shocking way to finish Money in the Bank, a surprising WWE Superstar has made his return to WWE and things will never be the same.

If you don't like spoilers... STOP READING!!

At Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Brock Lesnar made a surprise return in the main event, climbed the ladder and grad the briefcase to win the Men's Money in the Bank Men's Ladder Match.

An unbelievable matchup that was full of high-spots, crazy bumps and insane action was topped off by the fact that very few people expected Lesnar would make his return. That said, perhaps fans should have seen it coming.

Sami Zayn wandered around backstage to start the show only to be wiped out by a mystery attacker. Braun Strowman had been hunting down Zayn but told Triple H he didn't attack Zayn. That meant someone else had to do it and with Zayn and Strowman now both out of the ladder match, it was expected someone else might join the match. No one else came down to the ring during the entrances.

The match continued one man short and it was an incredible contest. Ricochet took a ton of punishment as did Finn Balor who went through ladder after ladder. When all the competitors were wiped out and the opportunity presented itself, Lesnar's music hit and the Beast Incarnate came down to the ring. He took out a ladder outside the ring, climbed in and slowly ascended the main ladder in the ring.

And, before you knew it, Lesnar was sitting atop the ladder holding the briefcase and laughing.

What This Means

While it wasn't stated Lesnar took out Zayn, it has to be the plan as far as WWE storylines go. Surely, on Raw tomorrow night, WWE will address his return and decide his future as the holder of the case.

There are rumors he'll be facing Seth Rollins at the Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia and the briefcase may come into play.

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