[SPOILER] Is Your New Miss Money In The Bank

Bayley beat seven other women (eight if you count Sonya Deville) to win a Money In The Bank contract.

On Sunday night, for the third time ever, WWE's female Superstars had their very own Money In The Bank ladder match. Carmella won the first, and last year, Alexa Bliss won the second. Last year's winner did not have the chance to defend her crown after being ruled out of the match due to not being medically cleared.

Carmella did have the chance to win the briefcase again, but she didn't take it. In fact, the former Miss MITB spent a large chunk of the match backstage. Carmella tweaked her knee at the hands of Mandy Rose but came limping out a little later on for revenge. However, on that occasion, Sonya Deville thwarted her halfway up the ladder. Note: Deville was not a competitor in the match.


Deville continued to get involved as she loaded Rose onto her shoulders and literally carried her to the contract. However, an irate Bayley was there to meet them. WWE's resident hugger threw both Rose and Deville to the mat below and claimed the briefcase for herself, thus making her the women's MITB contract holder.

Pretty impressive from Bayley, especially since this was her first ever MITB match. On top of that, Charly Caruso even made a passing reference to the absent Sasha Banks during a post-match interview. Bayley glossed right over that as she continued to celebrate and pander to the crowd. However, since the ladder match opened the show, there's every chance Bayley's night is not yet over.

Last year, Bliss won the contract and cashed it in to become Raw Women's Champion later that same evening. By the time you read this, Bayley might well have done the same. What better time to cash in after a weary Becky Lynch is done defending both of her titles. Who knows, with Bayley, Lynch, and Charlotte Flair all on the same brand, WWE could be prepping some kind of horsewomen angle. Well, providing Banks comes back sometime soon.


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