Possible Spoiler On Which Superstars Could Move In WWE Draft

WWE will be holding another draft last month, with the dates reportedly set for the Oct. 11 episode of SmackDown Live and Oct. 14 episode of Monday Night Raw.

It had been stated by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there was "a concept" about another draft, although they noted that there wouldn't be "major changes" taking place here.

But Ringside News caught onto something that could be a spoiler for which superstars could be on SmackDown following the draft. Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, The Miz and Rey Mysterio conducted a photo shoot as SmackDown prepares for its move to Friday nights under Fox.

Perhaps that means that Lynch, Miz and Mysterio and will move from Raw to SmackDown - while Bliss will stay put here.

But it's also possible that this is merely a photo shoot to promote SmackDown and nothing more. We'll certainly see some Raw superstars appear on SmackDown in the early going, following their move to Friday nights under Fox. So for all we know, Lynch, Mysterio and Miz might only be doing the photo shoot for the Oct. 2 show.

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It has been reported that WWE will be scrapping the wild card rule in October, so it won't be long until permanent rosters are set in place here. We'll just have to wait and see how the draft plays out. It's over a month away, and it's possible that Vince McMahon and WWE officials haven't even made up their minds on who will get moved in the draft yet.

WWE held its first "draft" in 2002, after the company had bought out WCW and recruited most of its top main event stars. That format lasted until 2011, and the brand split draft would return five years later. WWE has used the Superstar Shake-up since 2017, but 2019 will see two roster changing segments take place.

How Will The Draft Play Out?

One has to think that Fox will want to load up on as many stars as possible, so it would make sense for them to get somebody like Lynch, Miz and/or Seth Rollins. Of course, that would mean that Raw (the flagship program) would need to take back at least one major SmackDown star. Whatever happens, the draft will finally bring established rosters, and the wild card rule will come to a merciless end.

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