Steph Curry Promises 9-Year-Old Girl His Shoes Will Be Available To Girls Too In Touching Letter

Steph Curry is one of the most popular athletes in the world and undoubtedly the best shooter the NBA has ever seen. His status has made it so many people are scrambling to get his apparel, especially his shoes.

One nine-year-old girl, though, was left very disappointed after trying to get a pair of his latest sneakers, the Under Armour Curry 5's.

Young California native Riley (same name as his daughter) recently penned a letter to the star regarding her disappointing experience trying to buy a pair of his kicks. They weren't sold out or anything and were very much available. However, there was no listing for girls, only boys.


First off, this kid is good.

She made sure to mention Curry's very public support of women and female athletes, also letting him know that girls also want to sport his shoes.

Curry eventually caught wind of the letter and wrote back, posting a photo of his letter on Twitter so other girls waiting on change would be in the know. He also promised to send Riley a pair of Curry 5's and let her know that she would be in receipt of the Curry 6's as soon as they drop.

In addition, Riley will be pleased to know that her favorite player will be back in action on Saturday after missing several games with a groin injury.

Curry has resumed normal training with his team but they decided not to risk him against the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night.

The Warriors, 10-2 with Curry in the lineup, have gone 5-5 without him but will have to play their biggest game of the season, so far, with him sidelined.

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What This Means

Obviously, that girls rock. And they'll be able to rock Curry 5's because one kid was determined enough to write one of the biggest names in the game a letter to get him to address her concerns.

It did help that she shares his daughter's name. And what's more, she'll be getting her sneakers for free.

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