Stephanie McMahon Confirms A Long-Standing Urban Myth About Her Dad

Stephanie McMahon confirms that her dad hates sneezing just as much as everyone has always claimed.

Vince McMahon might well be one of the most fascinating people in the world. That's largely due to how little most of us actually know about him. A lot of what we assume about the chairman's personality is based on the persona he portrays on TV. The rest is based on rumor and hearsay we hear from people who have worked with him.

There is a widely held assumption that Mr. McMahon is somewhat evil. He did bring down the territory system so that he could build his global sports entertainment brand after all. Then there's the flip side. The stories we hear about him paying for ex-employees of his to go to rehab, and making sure Harley Race could fly home for the last few days of his life when his insurance wouldn't cover it.

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One urban myth about the boss that continues to rear its head is how much he hates sneezing. We have heard many an ex WWE employee speak of how McMahon dislikes the bodily function so much due to the fact he can't control it. We now finally have a definitive answer on whether the rumors are true. How you ask? Because his own daughter Stephanie McMahon has confirmed them.

During an appearance on the Barstool Sports Podcast, Stephanie was asked whether she had ever sneezed in front of her dad. "Totally. Yes. He doesn't hate me for it but it's always with like a 'grrr,' a grimace," she admitted. Even more interestingly, Stephanie also revealed that she has heard Vince sneeze. "The fact that he can't control the sneeze is very... it makes him upset."

Sounds as if the chairman can be a nice guy, but he's also incredibly controlling. Truth be told we think we knew that already. It's why he still has to have the last word on pretty much everything no matter how big of a company WWE becomes. It's also why Raw and SmackDown are subject to last-minute rewrites almost every week. We wonder what would happen if an announcer sneezed on air.

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