Stephanie McMahon Comments On Her Daughters Joining The WWE

Being in the wrestling business comes part and parcel with being a McMahon, and there are six McMahon grandchildren currently waiting in the wings.

It is hard for any fan to imagine a WWE that does not have Vince McMahon at the helm. No matter what the WWE chairman may believe, however, one day the boss will not be around. When that day does come it will likely be his daughter Stephanie McMahon and her husband Triple H that take the reigns. They already help with a lot of the day-to-day at WWE behind the scenes.

Basically, being in the wrestling business is in the McMahons' blood. Vince bought the company from his father and turned it into a global promotion, and Stephanie and Shane have been a part of the business for more than 20 years. Now, Shane and Stephanie have three sons and three daughters respectively, and you have to imagine that one day some, if not all of them will be mainstays in WWE.


In fact, that already seems to be playing on Stephanie's mind. Her and Triple H's daughters are seven, nine, and eleven years old but The Billion Dollar Princess told People about them potentially being in WWE one day. "I think it would be phenomenal if we had an additional McMahon-Levesque generation in WWE," the chief brand officer admitted.

The Game was also quick to tell the world that being a mother comes above all else for his wife. "No matter what in her life, the most important job is mom," Triple H revealed, "if she had to drop everything else right now, it wouldn't even be a question." If Stephanie's daughters and Shane's sons do want prominent roles in WWE though, they will likely have to do all the other jobs further down the totem pole first like their parents did.

No matter how many big names come, go, and stay in WWE, at the end of the day it really is all about the McMahons. In some way, they have always been there and it looks as if they always will. The McMahon family is the biggest in all of professional wrestling and as WWE continues to evolve and grow, so does that family's legacy.


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