Steve Austin Says Dustin vs Cody Match Was The Most Emotional He's Seen In Years

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin says the Double or Nothing match between brothers Dustin and Cody Rhodes was the most emotional he's seen in professional wrestling for as long as he can remember.

The Rhodes boys put on one hell of a show at the AEW PPV last month and there was just about everything fans could ask for. Dustin, for one, probably looked the most impressive he's ever looked, even at 50, but would lose to his younger brother, who asked him to be his tag team partner before the pair hugged it out.

The match garnered rave reviews from all around, with some rating it as the PPV's best fight. And Austin claims he can't remember the last time he's felt so much emotion watching a wrestling match.

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“The basic structure, the story that they told, the history, now the blood. The finish at the end, finally, through all the great things that they did, nothing crazy, nothing high-risk," he told AEW owner Tony Khan, who was a guest on his recent podcast, The Steve Austin Show podcast (h/t Wrestlezone).

"Basic, but the timing was there and it was all there for a reason, then the finish, then Cody picks up the stick (the microphone) and there it is, setting it up for a tag match and said he needed his brother back. Here’s the biggest, biggest compliment I can give you about that PPV. That was the most emotion I’ve felt in a professional wrestling match in I don’t know how many years and I believe emotions sell tickets.”

Tony would later reveal that he's been a Dustin fan from the time he began watching wrestling.

"Means everything to me," he said. "I’ve been a fan of Dustin my whole wrestling fan life, I mean as soon as I got into wrestling, one of the first angles I can remember was the ten-minute challenge and Dustin Rhodes and the angle on Saturday Night’s Main Event where Ted DiBiase tried to take Dustin’s seat and the match they had at the Royal Rumble and then when they jumped to WCW, it was actually when I first started watching WCW, was when Dusty and Dustin jumped to WCW and then started working with you."

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Khan went on to say that he watched the Steve Austin/Dustin Rhodes TV Title match over the World Series when he was nine years old and specifically remembers Jim Ross saying that the two wrestlers would be the industry's two top draft picks for the future.

Dustin Rhodes wasn't the star his father was, nor was he the star his younger brother would become. But there's hardly a fan out there who doesn't respect him.

Perhaps he could have been had he been more appreciated and better used by WWE. But who knows? It's probably not too late; his latest fight suggests as much. Let's hope the best is yet to come.

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