Stone Cold Steve Austin Likes NXT Better Than WWE - Here’s Why

Steve Austin says he prefers NXT over WWE and you'd probably find that a lot of wrestling fans agree.

The WWE Hall of Famer was one of the names who helped push the wrestling business in the 90s and early 200os. But, now that he's on the outside looking in, in a vastly different era at that, he doesn't seem very satisfied with what the WWE has been delivering as of late.

Stone Cold had Sean Waltman, who wrestled under the name of X-Pac in the WWE, join him on a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show and the latter would claim that the WWE isn't as appealing anymore because they have way too many people to cater too, given the widespread fanbase.

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Austin agreed with X-Pac, throwing in his two cents.

"The thing I like about the NXT thing is it's almost like [Waltman] said, the main roster is almost trying to cover or cater to everybody," he explained (H/T Wrestling Inc). "And to me, the NXT thing is more… they are both under the same umbrella, it's WWE, it's sports entertainment.

"It ain't pro wrestling anymore. Now, it's sports entertainment officially, but in my mind, it's still pro wrestling. And to me, NXT, yeah, it's kind of like a throwback. And it's all modern stuff, great lighting, great production values, everything else, but the storylines are very easy to understand and very simple. And, I mean, the announcers aren't trying to go overboard trying to explain whatever's going on.

"Sometimes when I watch the main roster stuff, it's like they're trying to play to so many people that the storylines get kind of convoluted."

Waltman also added that he sees another pro wrestling boom coming about and he blames the WWE, who he says have created a very dissatisfied section of fans and viewers with their product.

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"I think we're at the beginning of a [pro] wrestling boom," he declared "I don't think it's going to be comparable to the one we went through, Steve, because I just think the landscape is too different, but I can't help but feel that because I'm out there and I feel that the excitement that's being picked up.

"I honestly think that it's a lot of the people that are frustrated with the WWE product, the ones that you're not going to please them no matter what. I don't know. They just want to be that counterculture, I don't know, almost like that punk rock mentality. And I think that's kind of fuelling the whole indy pro wrestling resurgence [or] renaissance.

"I don't know what you want to call it, but there [are] a lot of guys doing really well out there right now."


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