Steve Austin Puts A Rating On Kevin Owens' Stunner

WWE legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin definitely approves of Kevin Owens using his Stunner, but he doesn't reckon he's perfected it yet.

Owens announced he would be ditching his Pop-Up Powerbomb in favor of the iconic Austin move as a finisher after returning from injury in February, with the former superstar giving his blessing.

It was expected that the two would interact in some way during the Raw Reunion Special last month yet it wasn't to be as The Texas Rattlesnake was pretty occupied with his wild Beerfest in the middle of the ring.

Austin was recently interviewed by The Wrap to promote his new show Straight Up Steve Austin and was asked to rate Owen's version of the Stunner.

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“I would give it a B+," he said. "I’m a huge K.O. fan, but I’ve seen a couple of the deliveries that have been a little off.”

Austin also claimed to be happy Owens is the one using his move.

“He’s timing it up and he’s coming up - he’s got a little bit of a different finesse to it than I did. But I soon think he’ll achieve A to A+ status if practice makes perfect, and they gotta let him turn that thing loose," he continued. "I enjoy watching him use it and I’m glad someone is using it. And I’m glad it’s him."

Owens actually used the Stunner during a Universal Championship bout with Roman Reigns in 2017, prompting Austin to tweet that he should "put some stink on it."

The WWE Hall of Famer would break down the science behind the finisher's success during an episode of The Steve Austin Show on which Owens was a guest at the time.

A B+ has never been a bad grade. And, coming from Stone Cold, it's quite the compliment. Owens will probably never reach the level Austin did as a wrestler, but at least he has time to perfect the move.

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