Steve Kerr Thinks Warriors Are Under The Biggest Microscope In NBA

Some say that history tends to repeat itself, and maybe that is true. There’s no way to truly know – it can be a yes, no, or even a maybe. However, for the Golden State Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr, when he looks at his team and then looks back into the rearview mirror of his own career as a player with the Chicago Bulls, sees a startling resemblance – not just of winning but of the scrutiny that comes with winning and being that kind of indomitable team, the teams that are usually considered dynasties.

According to Bleacher Report, Coach Kerr had this to say about the Warriors, “We’re maybe the most scrutinized team in the history of the league. We’re right there with the Bulls teams that I played on. I felt the same, but even more so now because of the number of media outlets and the immediacy of the judgment and criticism. So it’s all part of it; our guys have learned how to deal with all of that over the past few years.”


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To be clear, no other person in the league as far as player or coach would no better than Steve Kerr, who played on the second go-round of the three-peat Bulls with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. And what has to be understood is that he literally knows what it is like as a player to feel the immense pressure that comes with winning – not just to win but how you win and the inner workings and behind the door dealings that must take place, both from teammates and staff to those who question and are in opposition. But as the Coach of the Warriors, he is now in the other position of being the one to guide and facilitate the players and he’s watching and handling these hefty matters of winning from that perspective. From his view, and having had a similar experience, the Golden State Warriors face a similar, if not more challenging battle. The advent of social media and the plethora of media outlets and platforms have ensured that.

What This Means

Case in point: players today are not only interviewed by reporters, newscasters, and written about by journalists, but they are also on talked about and are even on podcasts often. What the players say and how they interact with their teammates and even the fans are on constant rotation and is watched almost 24-7. Interaction is at all time high with each other, media, and fans and often times, there seems to be a direct path and link that if we really thought about it, did not exist before, definitely not in the 1990s when the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen led Chicago Bulls were dominant.

Ultimately, what Steve Kerr has brought up is an interesting point and perspective. While he acknowledges how similar the Bulls and Warriors are, he also has distinguished the two but not from the point of play or stats but from the shape and rendering of the world. It only begs the question now of whether or not a player, or team, or anything is truly defined by itself, or are those things and matters only deemed what they are based on the time and era in which they exist? The answer cannot be definitive. And as we continue to watch the Warriors on the court and off, we can surmise that only time will tell.


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