Sting Names Bray Wyatt As The Current Star He'd Want To Face Today

WWE legend Sting has named Bray Wyatt as one of the present-day stars he would have loved to go up against.

Sting, a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the most iconic wrestlers of the WCW era, is regarded as one of the best to ever grace a ring. The 15-time champion would have definitely been a superstar in today's WWE. But we'll never get to see him go up against today's big names.

Wyatt, who recently returned to television with a new gimmick, has one of the most creative minds in WWE and Sting has recognized that.

The 60-year-old participated in an Awesome Con fan fest in Washington, DC during the weekend, answering questions from fans in a Q&A. He listed Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker as legends he would still love to take on but, as far as current stars go, Bray's the man for Sting.

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"Because Bray Wyatt has the personality. I like the whole Bray Wyatt thing," he explained (h/t The RCWR Show). "That would have been pretty interesting. … Shawn Michaels isn’t one of the younger ones, but I would’ve loved to had a match with Shawn as well [as] Undertaker. … Everything that I did was a one off with WWE. I was always outspoken about wanting to wrestle Taker. And you know.”

Sting knows just how big of a mark he's left on a generation of wrestling fans and he reckons it's because wrestling is one of the things that causes families to bond.

"You know you wrestling fans don’t want to say goodbye to a lot of wrestlers I’ve noticed," he explained. "Especially the older characters like my original Surfer Sting. People still say, ‘Do you think you could ever do that [gimmick] again?’ Like, um, no I can’t pull that one off again! It’s the relationship that they had with their uncle, brother, mom or dad. It brought families together. They practiced wrestling moves on each other.

"It was a relational thing that caused a bonding to happen in families. Wrestling of all things… I think this is just all part of the fire that makes that happen.”

What This Means

A match between Sting and Bray would probably have gone down as one for the ages, but just imagine a young Shawn Michaels and a young Sting going up against each other.

Pure fireworks.

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