Strangest Booking Decisions In WWE This Week - December 9, 2018

WWE made another series of strange decisions during the first week of December highlighted by a Raw that was almost as bad as last week's show.

First, Vince McMahon changed the entire landscape of Raw on Monday with a last-minute re-write, which didn't help. Then, the segments he did keep were a mess and should have been the first things he removed. Finally, WWE is promoting a style of match week after week that no one seems to understand and shouldn't be helping a babyface team, but the company somehow thinks it is.

Here are the strangest booking decisions in WWE this week, December 9, 2018.

Vince Re-wrote Raw Entirely

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On the heels of one of the worst episodes of Raw in recent memory, Vince offered the WWE Universe another piece-of-garbage show this past Monday. Why was it so bad? Part of the reason might be because Vince was rumored to have re-written the show just hours before the show went live.

Vince decided to change things because of the poor response to the previous week's show and the death of former President of the United States George W. Bush. It's one thing to think the audience needs a pick-me-up show because a former President died (which is extremely assumptive that the audience can relate those two things) but it's another to re-write the show just hours before the next one went live. First, McMahon had to know the previous week's show was total garbage and could have re-written it starting the next morning. Why he waited until the day of the show seems strange. Second, why re-write it so poorly? Maybe it was a ratings thing?

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Another Open Forum

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Hand in hand with the Vince McMahon re-writing the show news, it seems odd that he would keep as part of the show, one of the worst segments. The "Open Forum" part of the previous week's Raw, wasn't dropped. No, it was done again, even after being as bad as it was. I'm sure Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss were thrilled to learn they'd get a chance to right a wrong by trying to sell another wrong.

WWE couldn't have watched the first open forum with joy. It was an awful, boring, not well-done segment that didn't highlight the skill sets of anyone involved. So, what's the best thing to do? Do it all over again!

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WWE Pushing Lucha House Rules

WWE is really testing the limits of the WWE Universe by pushing a tag team that is supposed to be a babyface team in a way that would normally make them heels. The fact Lucha House Party gets to live by a different set of rules for their matches is, if nothing else, odd. If this were any other team, it wouldn't stand, but because it's a group of cruiserweights that WWE can't seem to get much oomph behind, they're trying something new. It's already getting old.

Worse yet, WWE hasn't taken the time to explain the rules or how these matches really work. So, in essence, the WWE Universe is left to assume we have a Lucha House Rules match each week but no one knows how to watch it. Do they need to tag? Can they stay in the ring? Is it just their team that's allowed to move guys in and out? If so, why?

At the very least, the company could actually explain the actual rules and why a referee would agree to let them live by a completely different set of standards than any other team. The whole idea just doesn't make sense and blatantly ignores the rules every fan has ever know existed for tag team wrestling.

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