Strangest Booking Decisions In WWE This Week - January 13, 2019

It's easy to ask, but not always easy to understand why WWE chooses to make some of the decisions it makes. Here are the strangest choices this week.

Monday's Raw definitely had some head-scratching moments including a touching but somewhat odd tribute to Mean Gene Oklerlund by Hulk Hogan, a "confrontation" between Lesnar and Strowman and this week, WWE decided to let one of the bigger stars in the past few years just waltz on over to their new competition.

Here are the strangest booking decisions by WWE this week, Janaury 13, 2019.

Hulk Hogan References Fabulous Moolah

During his tribute to Mean Gene Okerlund, Hulk Hogan made an impassioned speech saying he knew Gene was up in heaven hanging out with the likes of Bobby Heenan, Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant, Mr. Perfect, The Ultimate Warrior and others. Then, for some reason, Hogan said Okerlund was fending off the advances of Mae Young and Moolah, hinting that he was a real ladies man.

In most other situations, this would be funny. The only issue that comes into question here is the decision to allow Hogan to use Moolah's name in the segment considering how much heat WWE referencing her caused when the Battle Royal was supposed to be named after her at last year's WrestleMania. Fans caused a real uproar because of her history against other women during her rise to power and WWE was forced to change the name. In a segment that was supposed to be about appreciating what Gene brought to professional wrestling as the best interviewer in the business, this was an odd decision.

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WWE Knew About Jericho And AEW

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Chris Jericho signing with All Elite Wrestling might not be a "booking" decision per say when it comes to current storylines, but it certainly affects future ones as Jericho is definitely no longer going to be a member of the WWE family for the foreseeable future. The strange decision here is that WWE seems to be totally ok with that.

Jericho knows how big his arrival in AEW is so he had a chat with his former boss, Vince McMahon first. "He knew it, he knew what I was doing. It was not a surprise," Jericho explained. Suggesting he didn't ask for permission, he did feel he owed it to Vince who's been good to Jericho in the past.

Vince was cool with it, let him go and now AEW has gained some pretty big momentum. It seems like a strange decision by WWE but maybe they don't feel AEW is real competition.

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Lesnar Circles Strowman

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WWE had a real opportunity this past Monday to build anticipation for the Brock Lesnar versus Braun Strowman match at the Royal Rumble. Unless Strowman is still nursing his injury, it's difficult to understand why the company chose not to have any real confrontation between these two.

Unlike when Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles really went to war the next night on SmackDown Live, Lesnar and Strowman didn't do much of anything. The segment started with an awkward split screen interview between Strowman who was in the ring and a Lesnar who was backstage. It then moved to a long pause until Lesnar finally walked down and circled the ring like a shark. The major issue here is that Lesnar is not the shark in this scenario, Strowman is.

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The 15-Minute Ambrose Sell

This isn't something fans got to see on WWE programming this week but at at a live event, Dean Ambrose sold a Seth Rollins curb stomp finisher for more than 15 minutes. He laid motionless in the ring as people exited the building. As if that wasn’t enough, the ring crew made their way down to the ring and started to disassemble everything while Ambrose simply stayed there.

Some will argue this is great performance art but others will suggest this is what gives wrestling a silly name. Either way, it was a strange decision and not something you see every day.

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