Strangest Booking Decisions In WWE This Week - November 25, 2018

On a weekly basis, fans intently tune in to watch WWE, but not every week do they agree with the direction WWE is taking certain ideas. Whether it's turning a character heel, stockpiling the losses for a certain superstar, keeping someone off programming or force-feeding a WWE Superstar to the audience, some decisions are real head-scratchers.

This week was no different. Charlotte Flair came off a huge storyline idea at Survivor Series, then the company went another direction. The Usos won their match on Sunday only to be lost in the shuffle on Tuesday. And, this was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of odd choices.

Here are the strangest booking decisions for the week of November 25, 2018.

Charlotte Goes Heel Then Babyface?

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If you watched Survivor Series on Sunday, then watched SmackDown Live the following Tuesday, you might be asking, 'What is Charlotte Flair?' Is she a heel? Is she a babyface?

On Sunday, in one of the most interesting segments of the pay-per-view, Charlotte destroyed Ronda Rousey with a series of attacks with a kendo stick. It was so impactful, the crowd was cheering for her as she did Becky Lynch a favor by taking out her nemesis while she was on the shelf herself. Still, she wasn't a babyface, she's was a deranged lunatic who'd snapped.

On Tuesday, Flair showed up and got into a spat with The Iiconics? A clear heel duo that people love to boo? To say the least, it was an interesting way to follow up what happened on Sunday and the audience didn't buy it.

Heer long-winded promo on SmackDown Live and then double match against both members of the group only proved WWE was more interested in having fans cheer for her the old fashioned way which is not what the WWE Universe wanted to do.

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Where Were The Usos?

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Brad Shepard of the Oh, You Didn't Know Wrestling Show asked a question this week when it came to the Usos. He asked, "‘Who the hell have the Usos pissed off?’ Because they still manage to be on the kickoff show so much." It's a fair question considering they were the sole surviving team in the traditional Survivor Series Tag Team match and then were nowhere to be found on SmackDown Live.

The Usos continually put on strong performances only to disappear for weeks at a time. Instead, they get pushed aside for New Day promos or gimmick Thanksgiving Feast matches between The New Day and The Bar. Surely, WWE could have found a better way to use these guys.

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Authors Of Pain Aren't Much Of Anything

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On Raw this week, WWE proved they have no desire to make the Authors of Pain formidable champions. In fact, they're not much of a respectable tag team considering they couldn't defeat Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. In only a few short weeks, AOP won the titles, but could only do so because they defeated one man in a handicap match, then lost at Survivor Series, then lost again on Raw in a non-title match. It's almost laughable.

It's certainly funnier than the booking that saw Drake Maverick pee your pants and then get harassed because of it in the catering lineup the next night.

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SmackDown Live Swept At Survivor Series

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Perhaps the most shocking decision this week was when WWE chose to have the blue brand lose every single matchup they were involved in at Survivor Series. A brand that has a huge tv deal with Fox coming up, is working hard to be viewed as equal in terms of brand supremacy, just got whopped 6-0 in the scoresheet when it came for the two brands to meet head to head.

In fact, by the 30-minute mark of the pay-per-view, it was clear this was the direction they were going as WWE hinted with segments involving Baron Corbin that discussed Raw sweeping SmackDown. It was far too predictable an outcome.

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