AJ Styles And The O.C. Offers Familiar Name A Spot In The Group?

During the SummerSlam Kickoff show, AJ Styles and The O.C. got together with Finn Balor and discussed his upcoming match with The Fiend and offered a little backup assistance.

"If you need our help, just say 'when'" AJ Styles offered. And with that, WWE has begun teasing the idea that Balor and Styles, along with the other original members of the Bullet Club might get together again and reunite.

Since Styles got back together with Gallows and Anderson, the idea of Balor joining the group and reforming the original members of one of the most popular groups in Japan has been in the back of the minds of many fans. Those in the WWE Universe who don't follow wrestling outside WWE may not know of the history between Balor and Styles but those who do know that as Balor was leaving New Japan (Balor formed the Bullet Club), Styles was taking his spot.

The Bullet Club went on to become one of the most popular groups in wrestling but Balor didn't really get the credit he deserved for starting the group. At the same time, Balor is rumored to be leaving WWE for a little while and will probably take a loss to Bray Wyatt on his way out the door.

When he returns, could he join the O.C. and make it one of the most dominant groups in WWE? The O.C. already holds a ton of gold (The Raw Tag Titles and the U.S. Championship).

What This Means

It's a bit surprising WWE went with such a subtle and unpromoted hint that these personalities might once again get together but it's an idea most fans will love. The idea of Balor and Styles working together and running The O.C. as a faction would have a number of fans excited, especially those that believe Balor's character could stand to hit the refresh button.

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