Rumor: SummerSlam To Get The WrestleMania Treatment

Early Friday morning, WWE held a press conference at MetLife Stadium announcing the stadium as the future home for WrestleMania 35. As it is every time WWE announces where the upcoming WrestleMania will be held, this announcement was officially big news. Unofficially, there may be other news that could change the face of another very popular WWE event.

According to a report from a fairly reliable source, WWE could potentially move SummerSlam to a stadium setting as well. Barclays Center already has this year’s Summerslam events locked in for Aug 18-21st but come 2019, WWE might be seeking much larger venues to hold WWE's second-most popular event.

WrestleMania is the type of event that draws huge numbers for whatever city the event happens to be in each year. Major markets make major pitches to WWE knowing that if Vince McMahon and company bring their marquee show to town, the city and surrounding areas stand to make millions of dollars in revenue over the week that WWE is holding events. If this speculation is accurate, WWE must figure, why should SummerSlam be any different?


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If true, this opens up a number of possibilities for WWE. From increased gate revenue to side events WWE can promote and run with the event in town, holding this event in a stadium may change how WWE approaches planning and promoting the show. The weather and time of season favors WWE to move to venues that do not require cover and for many fans, it's a good time for die-hard and loyal members of the WWE Universe to travel and attend the show.

Where the first stadium SummerSlam will be held is not mentioned in the report but one might assume WWE will start in a location they know well and has a history of selling out quickly. For fans, this should add a little more flair and excitement to the SummerSlam event with larger stages and sets and much more attention to bringing in bigger names and marquee matches in an attempt to keep attendance high.

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