Huge Takeaways From Super Bowl LII - The Better Coach Won

If there was ever a game in the NFL for which you could take away some dramatic stories, unbelievable offense, controversial calls and historic moments, Super Bowl LII was that game. The Philadelphia Eagles won their first-ever Super Bowl and the city of Philly will be partying for weeks to come.

From unprecedented offense to amazing single performances and gusty coaching decisions, this particular Super Bowl may be considered one of the most entertaining ever. The results weren't certain until the final play of the game and the action was back and forth all night.

In a game that has to be considered a track meet, here are five huge takeaways from Super Bowl LII.

A Backup QB Was Good Enough

Nick Foles wasn't looked at to be the hero of the game by any stretch but that's exactly what he wound up being. The backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles was more than just a backup on Sunday, he was lights-out fantastic as he went 28-of-43 for 373 yards, three touchdowns and a passer rating of 106.1.

The questions were, could Foles withstand the pressure that was playing in the Super Bowl, going up against Tom Brady and proving to people that the Eagles could win without their starter. Foles was better than good enough, he was the game's MVP.

Brady Was Awesome, Just Not Awesome Enough

Nick Foles may have won MVP, but an argument could be made that Tom Brady was the best player on the field. He broke all sorts of quarterback records, threw for over 500 yards and almost mounted the traditional Brady comeback we've seen so often from him in the past.

The Patriots were never out of this game and even down to the wire people believed Brady could still pull off the comeback. He almost did if not for a failed Hail Mary at the end of the game. He truly is the best quarterback in football but that dropped pass in the first half that went off the tip of his fingers might haunt him for a while.


Gronk Might Call It Quits

It would be amazing if the biggest thing to come out of the Super Bowl was that this was Rob Gronkowski 's last game in the NFL, but since he didn't shoot down rumors of his retirement in the postgame presser, everyone will be wondering if and when he'll return.

Gronk has had some pretty serious injuries and while it would be a shame to see him leave the game of football, it would be hard to blame him considering the risk he might be running. It could also be that this was just talk from a very talented ball player who was feeling terrible having lost a huge game.


Referee Reviews Played a Role

There were a few calls in this game that had to be looked at but perhaps none bigger than the Zach Ertz catch and run. It was ruled a touchdown as he crossed into the end zone but touched the football to the ground and he lost control of it only to get it back.

Because Ertz was ruled a runner and not a receiver, the play was ruled a score. It was the right call and not as controversial as some might have thought. It won't please Patriot fans but the referees got it right.


The Better Coach Won

Doug Pederson may not be the better NFL coach overall but he was the better coach during Super Bowl LII and the Eagles won because of it. He made gutsy calls at the right times and his gambles paid off in a big way. He trusted his backup QB to get the job done and he was able to beat a Patriots' team playing more Patriot-style football than Eagles-style football.

Pederson put himself on the map with his performance on Sunday and he took advantage of a Bill Belichick who made some errors and wasn't at his "Hoodie" best.

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Huge Takeaways From Super Bowl LII - The Better Coach Won