Superstars React To Charlotte's Request For An MMC Team Name

Wrestlers from both inside and outside of WWE have been trying to help Charlotte Flair name her and Bobby Roode's team for the Mixed Match Challenge.

The first ever Mixed Match Challenge is now only a little over a week away and quite a few of the teams that will be competing have been announced. Braun Strowman will be pairing up with Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Apollo Crews are one of Raw's other teams, and real life husband and wife Lana and Rusev will also compete together. One of the more intriguing pairings so far though is that of Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode.


When it comes to picking a winning pair from the teams that have already been announced, it's hard to look past The Glorious One and the current SmackDown Women's Champion. In fact by the time the tournament is in full swing both team members might be holding gold as Roode continues to progress in the US Title tournament. There is one thing they don't have though.

That thing is a name. Although it doesn't seem to be a requirement that the teams competing have names, Flair seems dead set on her and Roode having one. The Women's Champion took to Twitter over the weekend and asked her followers for some ideas, and some pretty notable ones obliged and chipped in with that they think her and the former NXT Champion should be known as for the MMC.

Shinsuke Nakamura pitched the name Charlorious, pretty good for someone whose first language isn't English. The winning pitch has to go to Bubba Ray Dudley though. The recently retired Dudley suggested that the two of them be known as The Robe Warriors. As far as wrestling puns go this one is pretty incredible, plus judging by Flair's reply she is a big fan of the idea.


Whatever Flair and Roode decide to go with, the fact remains that they will be a force to be reckoned with when the 12 week tournament begins on January 16th. Not all of the teams have been announced yet, that will likely happen on this week's editions of Raw and SmackDown Live, and once they have been we will likely find out what the bracket looks like. It's a new and novel idea by WWE and here's hoping that it's a successful one.

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