Tazz Reveals The Issue Vince McMahon Had With Him When He Signed With WWE

Tazz revealed in a recent interview some of the issues he faced while a professional wrestler, including what Vince thought of his style when he first entered WWE.

In an interview with Apter Chat (via Wrestlezone), Tazz spoke about a disagreement he had with Vince McMahon prior to signing with the WWE. Ironically, as one of the smallest competitors in WWE at the time, it had to do with his style and concern on the part of other wrestlers that he was too dangerous, tough and potentially out of to hurt people.

Tazz explained, that Vince told him other wrestlers were too prideful to admit they were afraid but as Tazz tells the story, Vince said, ‘Some of the stuff you do is a little bit scary for some of the guys.’ Shocked, Taz responded, ‘These guys are 6’9.” These guys are 7’0.” What am I? I’m a little guy. What are you scared of me?

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Tazz found it interesting that wrestlers who were near twice his size were worried he would hurt them but what Tazz fails to admit, is that these same wrestlers had to trust their bodies to him as he delivered different style suplexes to superstars who were often much bigger and heavier than those he was used to facing in ECW.

But it wasn't just a size thing. Vince said, ‘Some of that stuff, you look like you’re killing guys.’, to which Tazz responded, "Well, that’s my job Vince. My job is to look like I’m killing you. That’s what I do.”

Tazz was known as a no-nonsense type character that played the part of a Tasmanian Devil in the ring. He said his approach to matches and being the character often got him in hot water with other performers because they thought he was always mad.

Clearly, even though his time in WWE was not long as a performer, he was a talent that everyone took seriously. Perhaps people knew not to mess with a guy that would suplex you out of your boots and be happy to do it.


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