Ted DiBiase Jr. Teases A WWE Return [Video]

A former WWE Superstar, Ted Dibiase Jr. is like wrestling royalty. His father is The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, and when DiBiase Jr. left WWE somewhat suddenly, he surprised many fans. That he might be thinking about making a return is surprising many more.

DiBiase Jr. left WWE in 2013 and arguably at the height of his WWE career as part of a group called "Legacy", citing the fact that he felt like he'd lost his way and wasn't sure why he was in the WWE anymore. He said:

"There was a time in my career that I forgot what got me there, and I lost sight of my priorities, and my priorities shifted. All of a sudden I couldn't make enough money, I couldn't become famous enough, and I wanted more. I woke up one day and I hated the person I saw because I had this moment staring in the mirror where I hated that guy."

A man of faith, DiBiase felt he was serving the wrong person as part of WWE. But, after working on other projects that he believed were more suitable for him at that time in his life, it appears he's ready to come back - or at least toying with the idea.


While posting a video promoting his Price of Fame film, DiBiase sent a special thank you to WWE fans for being so supportive and helping him find the strength to produce such a film. It was important he tell the story of what fame and fortune did to his father and the DiBiase family. He then dropped a bomb by suggesting he has unfinished business in WWE and would like to know if fans think he should make a return. "I've always said never say never but I'm letting you know, there may be a chance, in the very near future, or down the road that I could make my comeback."

Most of the comments were flooded with fans wanting to see DiBiase Jr. return. Many of those comments also led to people hoping he'd reunite with Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes.

For now, it appears this is just something DiBiase is contemplating but his tone suggests he's done more than given it some simple thought. DiBiase Jr. sounds fairly serious.

Former WWE Champion Says Door Is "Open" For A Return

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